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Experienced Service For Your Pittsburgh Business

A pest infestation in your Pittsburgh business is a big cause for concern. Pests don’t only have a negative impact on your finances; they also cause harm to your employees and customers, damage your building and equipment, and blemish your reputation. At Pestmaster® Services of Pittsburgh, we have developed effective and environmentally friendly pest control treatments and services backed by the latest scientific research to protect your business from pest threats of all kinds.

Integrated Pest Management Services

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At Pestmaster® Services, we are committed to delivering the best pest control available to our commercial customers. We accomplish this through the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques.

This treatment method allows us to assess your situation, develop a plan to meet your specific needs, and act on that plan in a way that is effective, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

Our team delivers the promised results by:

  • Providing free inspections and estimates.

  • Using environmentally friendly products.

  • Not only looking at your pest problems, but understanding how the surrounding environment plays into those problems.

  • Offering treatments that target specific pest problems.

  • Being IPM certified.

  • Having affiliations with numerous professional organizations in our industry, including NPMA, GSA, NAWMA, and the Professional Service Council.

Why Going Green Matters

While using chemical-based products to eliminate a pest infestation in your business quickly may sound like a good idea in the short term, the fact is that it can cause more problems in the long run. Chemicals are dangerous for your employees and customers, will damage the surrounding environment, and have been known to help pests develop resistance to chemical products. Pestmaster® Services of Pittsburgh has developed pest control methods that are tough on pests while being gentle on the environment and the people who frequent your establishment.

Facilities We Service

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A pest infestation in a school setting is bad, but if you choose the wrong pest control company, the solution to the problem can be even worse. Pestmaster® Services of Pittsburgh will eliminate your pest problem in a way that is effective and safe for the children in your care.

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Healthcare facilities of any kind must meet stringent sanitation guidelines for the safety of your patients. Because of the ease with which pests contaminate the areas they frequent, it’s vital to keep them out of your facility with the help of Pestmaster® Services of Pittsburgh.

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Your guests visit your business with the expectation of having clean, relaxing accommodations. A pest infestation will make you lose customers and damage your reputation. Keep pests out by partnering with Pestmaster® Services of Pittsburgh.

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Property Management

No one wants to live or work in an environment filled with pests. If you manage apartment complexes, condos, or office buildings, keeping your properties pest-free is essential in keeping each unit filled. Let Pestmaster® Services of Pittsburgh make that possible.

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Pests love restaurants due to the steady food supply available to them. However, a pest infestation in your restaurant is a recipe for disaster, leading to sick customers and lost business. Keep pests out and your customers healthy with Pestmaster® Services of Pittsburgh.

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Food Processing

A food processing facility must maintain certain health and sanitation standards for obvious reasons, but pests make that mission almost impossible. Stopping a pest infestation protects the food, your employees, and your equipment. Let Pestmaster® Services of Pittsburgh help.

Why Choose Pestmaster® Services?

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At Pestmaster® Services of Pittsburgh, we are committed to providing our commercial customers with eco-friendly, sustainable solutions to all of your pest problems.

With over 40 years of experience and on-going training to stay on top of the latest technologies, we provide the solutions you need.

  • We develop a pest control plan tailored to your needs.

  • We use Integrated Pest Management techniques to get to the root of your problem and provide long-term solutions.

  • Our services are guaranteed.

For the best in commercial pest control, you can feel confident choosing Pestmaster® Services of Pittsburgh, PA.

Get Back To Business With The Help Of Pestmaster® Services

As a business owner, you work hard to provide services and products to your customers that you can be proud of. When Pittsburgh pests get in the way, they make that goal difficult or even impossible. Get back to the business you love by partnering with Pestmaster® Services of Pittsburgh. We’ll take care of your pest problems so your business can shine.